Tasty Egg Recipes

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Ready for an eggs-travaganza?

If you've got a box of happy eggs, you've got a lot of options. From good old-fashioned dippy eggs to egg-fried quinoa or dreamy French donuts, with our egg recipes there's a whole world of free-range egg loveliness just waiting to be enjoyed.

Cooking eggs the classic way? Do it like a pro with our handy top tips. Looking for some great egg recipes? We've got bags of them. Did somebody say pancakes? You'll flippin' love ours. Let's go!

Flippin' good pancakes

They’re delicious, they’re quick and they’re not just for pancake day, so get those frying pans read

From lovely light English ones to fluffy little Scottish ones and great big American ones, there’s more to pancakes than meets the eye. Discover all sorts of delicious pancake ideas right here…

Recipes using eggs

Over 100 of our favourite recipes using eggs, handpicked to take you from breakfast through to bedti

Whether you’re cooking tea for the kids or impressing your dinner guests, we’ve got lots of easy-to-follow recipes using eggs for you to try. Go for something healthy or skip straight to the brownies, we won’t tell – honest!