Our happy girls

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Our happy hens lay really tasty eggs!

When it comes to looking after our girls, the extra mile is our favourite mile, and hen welfare always comes first.

Eggs and your health

So, all of our happy eggs come from happy hens, raised on free-range farms, by our dedicated farmers, in the lovely British countryside. They're free to wander our fields and wild flower meadows, roll around in dust baths (our hen spas), or catch up under the trees – and there's always plenty to cluck about down on the farm.

The best bit is, we've found that keeping our hens happy means they lay really tasty eggs.

Hen welfare

Have a look at how we put hen welfare first on every single happy egg farm.

Without happy hens, we wouldn’t have happy eggs, so hen welfare is always our top priority. Our dedicated farmers take the utmost care of our girls on spacious farms kitted out with exactly what every hen needs. Like to find out how?

Hen research

Find out how hen research from top academics helps us go the extra mile for our girls.

We go to great lengths to make our girls happy. That includes working with academics from the University of Bristol. From activities to diet and a whole lot more, they’re full of clever ideas that really do make our hens very content.

Happy farm trail

Take a sneaky peek around our farms on the happy farm trail and find out what our girls get up to.

Come for a little wander down our happy farm trail and find out what life’s really like for our girls. See what’s happening in the henhouse, watch a day in the life of our girls in just 30 seconds or take a quad bike tour through the fields with the rather lovely JP.

Did you know?

On average, each happy, healthy hen will lay an egg every day.

Ever wondered how many feathers a hen has? Or just what our girls get up to when they’re not laying lots of eggs? Isn’t it time you found out? Just pop on over to our frequently asked questions page for all sorts of interesting hen facts. Still can't find the answer? Just get in touch.