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Time to perfect your egg making skills


Pop your happy egg in a small pan and cover it with cold water...

Boil your egg


Heat a deep saucepan of water until it is just less than simmering...

Poach your egg

us, in a nutshell


We're the happy egg co. – the free-range egg people who do things a little differently. For us, it's all about one simple belief: happy hens lay tasty eggs, and that's why we're always going the extra mile for our girls, in every way we can.

It starts with us giving them acres of land to roam about in. And at all of our huge ranges, you'll find trees planted on at least 20% of the land (it's a rule of ours), which helps satisfy the girls' natural appetite for foraging and exploring.

When they need a break from all that roaming, the girls can gather around one of our specially designed activity kits. Decked out with dust baths and perches, they're dotted all over our ranges – perfect for practising a spot of flying, or just shaking a tail feather or two.

Why dust baths? Well, taking a dip in these lovely big sandboxes is exactly how happy hens like to clean and preen themselves, in a way that comes naturally and leaves them looking gorgeous.


But we don’t stop there - this is free range farming with a difference. We’re proud to have been awarded the Good Housekeeping ‘best ethical brand’ award, as voted for by their readers.


We work with a team of scientific researchers from the University of Bristol to find out exactly how to keep our girls as happy as possible. It’s led to some pretty outside-the-egg-box ideas, including writing and reading a romantic novel for them (because they love the sound of a human voice), and making our very own calendar full of hunky cockerels to help them feel relaxed.


the result of all this hard work...

is a very contented bunch of girls, who lay happy, healthy, free-range eggs with rich, golden yolks — that taste just as good as they look.

Spotlight on one of our farmers

Farmer name
Farmer name

We choose our lovely farmers very carefully, making sure they’re just as committed to hen welfare as we are. So what’s an average day like on a free-range farm?

Meet Lucy Sanderson

hello girls

Every wondered what we do to keep our girls happy? You’re about to find out.

free range eggs

Happy eggs come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll find them all right here.

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For as long as we can remember, there have been myths flying round about the nutritional value and health benefits of eating eggs. Let’s get to the bottom of a few of them right now.

The amount of calories in an egg depends greatly on its size and the way it's cooked - for example, a medium-sized boiled egg will obviously have fewer calories than a large fried egg. As a general rule, an uncooked, large-sized egg...
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Which vitamins are in eggs?
You might already know that eggs are a great source of protein. But you might not be aware that they also contains vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, thiamine, and riboflavin - quite an impressive lineup!