introducing our free range egg whites

Say hello to our brand new liquid egg whites. Delightfully delicious, 100% British and super simple to use, they are an easy way to create tasty dishes with an extra protein punch.

Use them in place of whole eggs in all your favourite dishes.Breakfast classics like omelettes and scrambled eggs are the just the beginning.

Create savoury dishes like quiche and frittatas or use them to whip up sweet treats like souffles and meringues. You can even pop them in your favourite protein shake.

And don’t worry, our rich golden yolks don’t go to waste. Instead they all go into making other delicious products.

Grab your carton in selected ASDA and Co-op stores nationwide and at Muscle Food.

the easy way to tasty egg dishes

did you know

Egg whites aren’t just a simple way to make delicious dishes – they are packed full of good stuff. Each one of our British egg whites is naturally high in protein and has zero fat.

bursting with flavour

Spice up breakfast and start your day in a healthy way with our delicious and easy Mexican egg white omelette. Explore our recipe page for this and other tasty egg white recipes.

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we’re new too

In another tasty launch, our new egg mayo range has arrived just in time for summer. Perfect in sandwiches, wraps, baked potatoes or salads, they’re available now in Morrisons.

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