Pancake recipes

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Looking for the perfect pancake recipe?

Pancakes really are flippin’ lovely – and they’re surprisingly easy to make too. Which is why, here at the happy egg co. we think they’re far too good to save for pancake day.

In fact, we’ve put together a collection of quick, tasty pancake recipes just perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, any day of the week. There’s everything from soft little Scotch pancakes to whopping great American pancakes, delicate, classic lemon-and-sugar pancakes to gooey chocolate ones.

So, whether you like your pancakes sweet, savoury, super indulgent or nice and healthy, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy. We’ve even gathered some great gluten-free pancake recipes, so nobody needs to miss out.

It all starts with a box of fresh, free-range eggs from our friendly happy egg farms and your favourite non-stick frying pan. Sleeves rolled up? Spatula at the ready? Let’s get cracking.

How to make pancakes

Our easy, flip-by-flip pancake recipe

Ok, want to start with the basics? Pop over to our how to make pancakes page and you’ll find our go-to recipe for great pancakes. Once you’ve got this one cracked you’ll be able to experiment with all sorts of different fillings, toppings and flipping techniques (we’ll leave that last one to you!).

Sweet pancake recipes

Irresistible ideas for little ones… and big ones too!

For lots of people, pancakes are all about the sweet stuff – maple syrup, chocolate sauce or even classic sugar and lemon. They’re perfect for pudding and really quick to make. Think you’ve tried everything? We bet we’ve got a few new sweet pancake recipes for you.

Gluten-free pancake recipes

Tasty, wheat-free recipes for pancake lovers

Coeliac, wheat intolerant or just avoiding gluten? Cutting out wheat doesn’t mean you have to miss out on pancakes. From replacement ingredients to totally tempting toppings, we’ve put together some top tips and easy recipes that’ll have you serving up a wheat-free pancake feast in no time.

Healthy pancake recipes

They’re fresh, they’re tasty and they’re good for you!

Who says pancakes can’t be good for you? Not us! That’s why we’ve gathered some lovely, fresh ingredients and whipped up some top tips and healthy pancake recipes that really are tasty too. So, experiment with your pancake mix, dabble in some new toppings and find out just how healthy pancakes can be.

Savoury pancake recipes

Let’s do lunch, dinner, or both!

There’s a whole lot more to pancakes than lemon and sugar, and with a little imagination they make an easy lunch or dinner the whole family will love. So, why not explore our savoury pancake recipes, pick up your favourite ingredients and start trying out some great new ideas?