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Meet some of our favourite people - like-minded companies and charities doing good things for hens and good things for eggs!


    Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food-labelling scheme, and is the only UK farm assurance scheme that focuses solely on improving the welfare of farm animals. We’re proud of our RSPCA Freedom Food membership, and fully support the RSPCA’s upholding of welfare standards. We’re happy to say that we share the same ideals of continually promoting the wellbeing and happiness of animals.

    Regular inspections by RSPCA officers ensure that all members, including ourselves, adhere to the highest welfare standards. These checks - along with our own internal inspections - mean we really can guarantee that our girls are always happy!

  • British Lion

    We’re big fans of the great work of British Lion, and the high standards they set for the most of the egg industry. They’re the UK’s leading safety mark - and like us, they know all about the benefits of eggs. They’re constantly coming up with delicious new ways to enjoy eggs - as well as exploring the science behind them - and they helped dispel the myth that eating too many eggs can lead to high cholesterol levels.

    In fact, it’s really not hard to see why we like them so much. We always look for the Lion!

  • The Happy Chick Company

    The Happy Chick Company are potty about hens, and love hens just as much as we do! They provide a complete chick-hatching experience for nurseries, schools, colleges, care and retirement homes, and private centres - and make the whole thing as fun as possible.

    It’s a great way to stimulate learning about hens, and puts smiles on faces young and old, up and down the country. And as a sponsor of The Happy Chick Company, we’re helping them get out on the road and educate more and more people about the joys of keeping happy chicks!

  • The British Hen Welfare Trust!

    Our pals at the British Hen Welfare Trust rehome commercial laying hens, educate the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourage support for the British egg industry.

    Its ultimate aim is to see consumers and food manufacturers only buying UK-produced free range eggs only, and to help build a strong British egg industry where all commercial laying hens enjoy a good quality of life.

    At the happy egg co., our hens are lucky enough to enjoy a free range life - but we’re committed to making sure that other hens can enjoy the same levels of freedom. That’s why we’re proud to support the British Hen Welfare Trust’s ‘Free Range Friday’ initiative. The aim of Free Range Friday is to raise funds and awareness for the British Hen Welfare Trust by asking individuals, companies and community groups to get together with friends, family or colleagues, and cook or bake using free range eggs. Yummy!

  • Sorted Food

    SORTED is an online hub for everything you need to know about food - a group of foodies creating regular video recipes for beginners and accomplished chefs alike. They recently helped Jamie Oliver launch Food Tube, his own YouTube food channel, and we reckon they’re on their way to world food domination.

    Not long ago, they paid a visit to one of our farms - then made five great video recipes featuring our eggs. See them all on our YouTube channel