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The extra mile is our favourite mile

Almost everything we do to make our hens happier is informed by researchers at the University of Bristol. Here’s some of their findings...

Nice pecks
Clever clucks

A bit of masculinity

Research revealed to us that hens are much happier in the presence of a cockerel. It showed that the girls move around more, spend less time watching for predators, and act even friendlier to one another when there's a male about.

Because we don’t have cockerels on our farms, we decided to give our girls the next best thing when we saw these findings. In 2012, we released our first ‘Nice Pecks’ cockerel calendar, and due to its incredible success, we followed it up in 2013 with another calendar full of hunky heartthrobs.

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Clever clucks

A recent study entitled The Intelligent Hen showed the domesticated hen to be something of a phenomenon, and more intelligent than human toddlers in many respects. The research examined the ways hens interact, use logic, and even count numbers - and revealed them to be much cleverer than previously thought.

The findings have got us looking at more complex activity kits and range designs for our girls - to make sure their intelligent minds get all the stimulation they need!

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Preema Donnas - behind the scenes, nice pecks 2014 shoot