happy hens indoors for now

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You may have recently seen a new sticker on our yellow happy egg co. packs that says our hens are temporarily inside. Confused? We don't blame you! Hopefully the below information will help to clarify this.

Hen welfare is always our main priority which is why our free range girls are currently being kept safe, warm and happy inside on Government and veterinary advice, to help protect them from catching bird flu from wild birds. This strain of bird flu carries no risk to human health, but it is potentially very harmful to our girls' welfare, so we are doing all we can to keep them protected and support our farmers.

We take the health and welfare of our girls very seriously and our farmers are giving the girls plenty of TLC whilst they wait to go back outside. The hens have places to nest and lay their eggs, and plenty of room to express their natural behaviours. The farmers are ensuring that the girls' dustbathing areas are well kept so they can continue to enjoy bathing, scratching around and perching. We've also given them extra toys to play with – they are inquisitive creatures after all! The girls continue to have access to their high quality unique feed and clean fresh water, with farmers performing regular welfare checks in the barns throughout the day.

For more information on bird flu visit https://www.freerangeinfo.com/