Free range and happy, natural
goodness starts with our hens

We work hard every day to keep all our free-range hens happy. Giving them acres of field to explore, foliage and trees to play in and only picking the very best farmers to work with. As a result, all of our farms exceed free-range standards in the UK, as set by the RSPCA Assured scheme.

Room to Roam

The wind in their feathers and the earth and their feet, our girls love exploring/ SO we give them as much space as possible to do just that. 

A source of Entertainment

Hens are wild at heart. We feed their appetite for adventure by planting foliage to rummage in, placing fallen trees to perch on, and filling the farm with trees and hedgerows for shade. We designed special activity kits to help our girls do whatever comes naturally. Like perching, sheltering or having a catch up. 

A Day in the Life of Our Girls

Ever wondered what a day with our girls looks like? We hope you had your Happy Eggs for breakfast as there’s plenty to get up to!

We believe that when you put happy in, you get happy out

Happy goes in, happy comes out is what we believe in. The feed is especially important in ensuring our hen’s stay happy and healthy.