Meet a farmer

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Our star farmers

The farmers we work with are chosen because they're as committed to hen welfare as we are. But what's an average day like for one of these hen-loving farmers? Read on...

Lucy Sanderson, North Yorkshire

Lucy has been producing eggs for the happy egg co. for two years. Here's a little bit about her and her farm - and her girls, of course...

Like all happy egg co. farmers, Lucy's average day is no 9 to 5. After a wake-up call at 6.30am, she’s straight down to the henhouses to let the girls out. Lucy's farm has all the usual happy egg co. dustbaths, activity kits, hedges, and trees - but it also has a trailer, which the more intrepid hens love climbing onto.

Between her numerous daily tasks, Lucy likes to observe her girls, and she’s now so familiar with her flock that she can set them apart by their habits.

"I’ve got a feisty one, and a superior one - who just sits on the fence all day looking down on the others. Another hen jumps through the fence each day, makes her way to the toilet, lays her egg in the basket and jumps back to roam or dig outside."

14 hours after her wake-up call, it’s time to round up the roaming hens for bedtime - which is quite a challenge thanks to the girls’ love of the great outdoors.

With her spare time, Lucy enjoys running, taking her two children horse-riding, and rustling up eggy bread for the family.

But Lucy’s not happy just being an egg producer - she wants to be the egg producer. "I want to be one of the happy egg co.’s top ten producers - and I will; that’s why I chose to work with them, to be the best of the best at what I do"