Our free range farms

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Only the best for our girls

Happy hens need a happy place to live and lay – and that's exactly what we give them at hand-picked happy egg farms up and down the land. They're all free-range farms that exceed RSPCA Freedom Food standards and are run by great farmers with a real passion for their girls.

It’s a girls’ world

We work with our farmers to make sure their farms have all the special features our hens enjoy, including trees to forage among, activity kits to climb on, dust baths to bathe in and green space to roam.

It all means our girls get the freedom they deserve every day, whether they’re out shaking their tail feathers, snoozing under a shady tree or taking in the view from their perches – and when they’re not busy doing all that, they lay some pretty amazing eggs too. Good job, girls!

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Meet our farmers

Say hello to some of our star farmers and their happy hens.

It takes a special kind of farmer to be a happy egg farmer. You’ve got to love your girls, go the extra mile to make them happy and take a real pride in the eggs they lay. It’s not easy and the days can be long, but our farmers are a special breed and we’re really proud they’re part of our family.

Happy farm trail

Take a sneaky peek around our farms on the happy farm trail and find out what our girls get up to.

Come for a little wander down our happy farm trail and find out what life’s really like for our girls down on the farm. See what’s happening in the henhouse, watch a day in the life of our girls in just 30 seconds or take a quad bike tour through the fields with the rather lovely JP.

A snippet of farmer life

Our farmers start their work at about 7am and finish at around 10pm - not your average 9 to 5!