Double Dipped Panko Scotch Eggs

8 ingredients
2 servings
30 mins

Looking for an egg-sellent way to level up your picnics this summer?

Follow HelloBakerGirl’s lead by creating her delicious Double Dipped Panko Scotch Eggs!




600g Sausages 

7 Large Happy Eggs

150g Panko Bread crumbs

Plain Flour for dusting

2 litres Vegetable Oil



A pickle or chutney that compliments your sausage meat flavour to serve alongside.


  1. Put 4 of your Happy eggs into a pan of boiling water and cook for 6 minutes, then transfer immediately to a bowl of ice cold water. Once cold, really carefully peel them and pop them aside.
  2. Squeeze the sausages out of their skins and into a bowl, mash the meat together to form one giant meatball and then separate it into 4 equal size patties and set them aside.
  3. Rack up 3 plates, one with a small handful of flour seasoned with salt and pepper, one with the three remaining Happy Eggs that you’ve beaten together and then the last one with the panko breadcrumbs.
  4. Lightly flour your hands and then in the palm of one hand, flatten out a sausage ball into a large thin round pancake.
  5. Roll a peeled Happy Egg into the flour, then pop it in the middle of the patty. Really carefully,  shape the meat evenly around the Happy Egg, moulding it with your hands until sealed. Give it a gentle squeeze till it’s formed a nice tight ball.
  6. Next roll the meat-wrapped Happy Egg in the flour, jiggle it between your hands to shake off any excess flour and then dip into the beaten egg, followed by the panko breadcrumbs. Then, for extra crunch, dip it back in the egg and then back into the breadcrumbs. Repeat until all of your Happy Eggs are coated.
  7. Heat the oil in a deep pan or deep fat fryer to about 160ºC. If you have a cooking thermometer it’s a good idea to use it. You don’t want to burn those amazing Happy Eggs.
  8. 2 at a time so you don’t crowd the pan and lower the temperature of the oil, gently lower the eggs into the pan and cook them for about 6 minutes or until deep golden, turning them every so often. Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. They should be perfectly cooked but if your at all worried about the meat being under-cooked, after frying the scotch eggs pop them in a hot oven for a couple of minutes.
  9. Let the scotch eggs cool a little and then chop them in half to expose that perfectly jammy golden middle. Serve with some chutney, pickle or sauce for dipping. Picnic heaven.