About Us

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We're the happy egg company - the free range egg people who do things differently. Founded in 2009, we've always been serious about hen welfare. And we believe that if we give our hens the quality of life they deserve, and keep them happy, they'll reward us with better tasting eggs.


But happy egg welfare doesn't just stop at giving our girls freedom to roam. We do everything in our power to ensure our farms are truly happy places, and our hens are as content as possible.

What does that mean exactly? Well, let's start with the rangesOur farms' fields boast acres of lush greenery, and must have trees planted on at least 10% of the land. This is to satisfy the girls' appetite for exploring, foraging, and shaking their tail feathers.


Ranges on happy egg co. farms are different too - you'll find them dotted with activity kits that let the girls practise their flying skills (or just have a little natter!). Then there's our dustbaths; ample sandboxes that let the girls preen and clean themselves in a way that comes naturally. Every girl likes to look her best, after all.


We're constantly looking for new ways to keep our hens happy. And, using scientific insights from our friends at the University of Bristol, we regularly go the extra mile for the girls on our farms. Some of the fun things we've done already include penning them romantic novel, and making them a calendar full of cockerel heartthrobs!