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At the happy egg company, we deliver tasty eggs by giving our hens the quality of life they deserve. All our girls enjoy wide-open spaces where they are free to roam, with trees and hedgerows to play among and towers ideal for perching pleasure. And we think you’ll agree – the proof is in the yolk.

With hen welfare at the heart of all we do, we work with like-minded organisations such as the RSPCA, The British Hen Welfare Trust and The British Lion Quality Code of Practice.

To date, we’ve successfully influenced how many people think about – and shop for – eggs. But our mission continues. We want to bring happiness from hen to home and from farm to plate. Because once that happy feeling starts there’s no holding it back, or knowing how and where it will spread.

Let’s release a little more happiness into the world, one egg at a time.

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    happy days

    Our girls are free to roam from dawn till dusk

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    a taste of sunshine

    Look for the delicious, golden yolk in every happy egg

  • HappyEgg_Icon_days

    a feeling that spreads

    From good food to good mood, and beyond

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