meet Phil and his groundbreaking creation

What to do when you love poached eggs for breakfast…but time in the kitchen means time away from your hens? One passionate happy egg co farmer, Phil from Lincolnshire, has the perfect solution.

Phil calculated over the course of his lifetime he’d spend 1825 hours – 76 days – in the kitchen perfecting poached eggs. That was a staggering amount of time he’d rather spend on his farm, taking care of his beloved girls.

Keen to find a way to win back precious time, he had an idea. A device that would not only make the perfect poached eggs every time, but would take the work out of breakfast.

This is the story of one eggcentric man and his cracking invention…

welcome to the future

where it all began

Working in his tool shed over the summer, Phil designed and built the breakfast machine by hand.

ready, set, poach

At the press of a button, 13 motors and gears – controlled by eight microprocessors – are fired up. Carried by crane, each egg is cracked and dropped into boiling water from the perfect height.

happy mornings all round

A sieve then picks each perfectly poached egg out of the pan and onto a plate. So Phil gets to spend more time with his girls out on the farm – without missing out on his favourite dish to start the day.

perfect in every way

What does Phil serve his poached egg on each morning? A bed of smashed avo. Now if only there was a machine that could smash and chop for you...

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