The Happy Egg Company



Eggs-tra fun

We always love going above and beyond for our girls - and if that means we get to have some fun and celebrate all things hen along the way, then so be it!

  • The Happy Trail

    Fancy joining us on our free range farms? Our new site, The Happy Trail, lets you do just that. You can wander through our vast ranges in The Fields, see how the girls unwind in Playtime, take a peek inside The Henhouse, and meet our passionate farmers (and their pets!) in Farmlife. And if you’re feeling peckish after all that, the Let’s Eat section will show you how to make some mouth-watering dishes with your tasty eggs!

  • Chick lit 2015

    Joanne Harris, one of Britain’s best-selling romance authors, and best known for ‘Chocolat’ will set hens hearts aflutter with the release of the new romantic novel ’The Reluctant Rooster’ written and recorded just for hens following research which reveals the human voice has a calming effect on hens. The story follows on from the success of 2014’s 'Falling for Clooney’ and shows the loving admiration that a hen named Daphne has for a mysterious handsome cockerel. You can download and listen to the full audiobook here.

  • Chick Lit

    Here at the happy egg co we're always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our girls happy. With this in mind and with the trusty help of renowned British author and hen-keeper Catherine Alliott, we’ve produced our very own romantic Chick-Lit audiobook for our hens after research found that the human voice can have a calming effect on laying birds. You can listen to the story here, or watch a teaser below.....

  • Nice pecks

    After reading a study which revealed that hens feel more relaxed and happy in the presence of a cockerel, we decided we’d give our girls some male eye candy. We can’t have cockerels on our farms, so we did the next best thing - and made them a calendar full of hunky heartthrobs and put copies up around the farms. The girls loved it, and the calendar was such a success in 2012 that we did it again in 2013 and 2014! Here’s how the shoot for the 2015 calendar went….

  • Chick-cam

    This Easter celebration saw us give fans a front-row seat to every minute of the hatching of 16 cute little chicks. ‘Chick-cam’ followed the action 24-7 as the tiny balls of fluff hatched one-by-one - and gave viewers round-the-clock access to the first five days of the chicks’ lives, via Google Hangouts.

  • Pancake-omatic

    In a bid to make the world’s freshest-ever pancake for Pancake Day, we decided to build a bespoke Wallace & Gromit-style machine - the Pancake-omatic. It was a labour of love, which took a team of designers 200 hours to construct, and a further 100 hours to test. But all the hard work was worth it: