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Hen welfare

Five-star living

For us, hen welfare is about more than just giving the girls room to roam (although of course, all our farms exceed RSPCA Freedom Food standards). It’s about doing everything we possibly can to make sure they have happier lives - and lay tastier eggs. Here’s a few ways we do things differently for our girls...

  • Trees and foliage

    Hens are naturally inquisitive animals, and love spending their days rummaging around in treelines and hedgerows - after all, their ancestors were jungle-dwellers! So we have a golden rule on our farms - at least 10% of every range must have trees planted on it. And although it sometimes looks a little messy, our farmers also deliberately place fallen trees on their side so the girls can clamber up and have a private chat. Tree-mendous!

  • Space, space, and more space

    Our girls are natural-born roamers, and love to travel far and wide - so we give them the acres they need to do just that. And they revel in it, spending their days outside, pecking at anything and everything, and singing their version of George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ (probably).

  • Specially-designed activity kits

    Hens are happiest doing what comes naturally - and that’s exactly what our activity kits are designed for. They’re dotted around the ranges on our farms, and throughout the day you’ll always see the girls perching, sheltering, or just having a catch-up on them.

    A recent study showed hens to be more intelligent than previously thought, and because activity kits are so important to our girls, we’re always looking at ways to improve them - who knows what the future holds…

  • Dustbaths

    Believe it or not, hens actually use dust to clean themselves. And because looking their best is an important part of our girls’ lives, we make sure they’ve got plenty of dust and sand to preen themselves in - with our specially-designed dustbaths. Then we sit back and let them work it for the cameras!

  • Nesting boxes

    Laying eggs is what our girls do best - so to make sure that they’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible, all our girls are encouraged to lay their eggs in dark, warm, indoor nesting boxes. The girls lay an egg every 26 hours or so, so we think they deserve a bit of privacy whenever they need it - but that doesn’t stop a few rogue girls laying their eggs in unusual places!

  • Passionate farmers

    When it comes to the farms we work with, we’re very picky, and we only ever choose farmers who are as committed to the wellbeing of the girls as we are. The best farmers have their own quirky ways of keeping the girls happy - early morning walks on the range, singing in the henhouse, and even employing a bunch of alpacas to ward off pesky foxes. The farmers you see in our adverts are all real happy egg co. farmers too - because we like to show off our superstars!

    Meet one of our farmers