The Happy Egg Company


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Life on a free range farm, get your wellies on!

Us, in a nutshell

happy egg egg box and happy egg hen

Or should that be an eggshell?

We’re the happy egg company — the free range egg people who do things a little differently.

See, at the happy egg co., we have a simple belief: happy hens lay tasty eggs — so we’re always going the extra mile for our girls, in any way we can.

It starts with us giving them acres of land to roam about in. And these huge ranges all have trees planted on at least 10% of the land (it’s a rule of ours) — which helps satisfy the girls’ natural appetite for foraging and exploring.

When they need a break from all that roaming, the girls can gather around the many specially-designed activity kits dotted around the ranges, practise their flying…

or just shake a tail-feather or two. Then there’s our dust baths — sandboxes that allow the girls to clean and preen themselves in a way that comes naturally to them.

But we don’t stop there — this is free range farming with a difference, after all.

We work with a team of scientific researchers from the University of Bristol to find out exactly how to keep our girls as happy as possible. So far, this has seen us writing and reading a romantic novel for them (because they love the sound of a human voice), and making them a calendar full of hunky cockerels to help them stay relaxed.

The result of all this hard work? A very contented bunch of girls, who lay happy eggs with rich, golden yolks — that taste as good as they look.

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